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James Blatch

James Blatch.jpg

I love my site! 

Mike Di Martino



Conrad Conley

Conrad Conley.jpg

Stuart Grant is amazing. If you want a website that “Rocks”, go with Stuart. Once he see’s the cover of your book and the message your trying to communicate, he goes off and creates “Gold”! Thanks Stuart

Micheal Maloof

Micheal Maloof.png

I knew Stuart by reputation, but have to admit, I had my doubts about using WIX. I'm now a convert, and that's thanks to Stu's design and guidance. He created a very attractive author website, in my humble opinion, but equally important, he gave me the keys to the kingdom to extend and shape when needed. I have decades of software development experience, so I consider myself a harsh judge of both Stu's design and the platform - both are great.


I can heartily recommend Stuart to anyone needing his web design services, and I suspect you'd be well served selecting Stuart for any project he bids.

Jim Perakis

Jim Perakis.jpg

Stu is especially helpful at training in Wix at end of website construction. Very satisfied customer.

James Kaine

James Kaine.jpg

Stu designed an absolutely amazing website for me. It was exactly how I wanted it and he was very thorough in incorporating my notes during the process. He answered all my questions and left me with the skills/knowledge to update on my own going forward. I would highly recommend Stu to any writer looking to get an awesome website design!

Susan Permut

Susan Permut.png

Stuart put together a beautiful, easy-to-use website that highlighted the book, the author and the designer. I think he underestimated my lack of expertise with all things digital, but he was very patient with me and we managed to overcome my ignorance and put together a truly delightful website. He helped me figure out what I needed on the site and added a few things I wasn't familiar with, which made it really special. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Stuart to anyone needing a website put together to their specifications.

C.P. Schaefer

CP Schaeffer.png

Working with Stuart on my website was both pleasurable and informative. He has a great combination of technical and creative skills. He's very personable and offered many alternate ideas on the layout and design of the site. I highly recommend utilizing his services to anyone looking to build a new website.

Preston Antunes

Preston Antunes.jpg

Stu was always able to answer my questions and gave thorough advice throughout our time together. He is professional and courteous. I am happy to have worked with him.

Jeff Lichtenstein

Craig Dawson.png

Stuart was terrific. I needed help with out of the box solutions on a workbook for a seminar and he totally delivered and gave me options. In addition, he was creative, methodical and put up with me asking for a few different looks. Not once did he push me along. I appreciated it and LOVE my site and LOVED working with Stuart!

Craig Dawson

Jeff Lichtenstein.jpeg

The old cliche goes that you can only ever have two from “fast, fair and good” but Stuart proves you can have it all.


Wonderful work as ever, and a pleasure to deal with.

Charly Froh


In short: HIRE HIM! Seriously, 5 stars is not enough for Stu. He went above and beyond, was super fast, super responsive, super attentive, super detail oriented, super friendly, just super duper perfect in every way. And after he made me my dream website, he took over an hour to explain to me how in the future I can edit it myself. Hiring Stu, will be the best choice of your day!

Gabriele Ewerts


I'm thrilled to have a new website thanks to Stuart Grant. Once he incorporated my feedback after the initial set up, he took the time to walk me through the tools on the Wix website so that I could make changes myself down the road. He was very generous with his time and advice and met a second time with me to make sure everything worked fine. I am extremely happy with the website and the service I received from him, and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great web designer with awesome service as well.

Jim Sack


It was great working with Stuart. He is very patient and listens to your ideas and incorporates into the website. Thank you Stuart for your diligence and your hard work.

SJ Snel


Having little tech knowledge, I was very apprehensive when I first discussed with Stuart how I wanted my website to look. Stuart listened to the areas that were important to me, and with his extensive knowledge and suggestions he built my impressive website. He kept me up to date whilst it was being built, and then gave me an hour long tutorial, so I could go in and work on it myself, if I wanted to. He connected my email and set up my SEO. I would 100% recommend Stuart. He has provided me with a website that I love and I know that if I ever have any queries or changes going forward, he will only be too happy to help. Stuart is friendly, yet professional and listens to what his client's want, then delivers what he has promised. I have already had lots of positive feedback about it!

J. R. Erickson


Stuart's work on my website was truly exceptional! He expertly crafted a site that beautifully captures the spooky essence of my books and author brand. Throughout the entire process, he kept me updated and ensured clear communication. Moreover, he went the extra mile by providing me with a comprehensive tutorial on managing and updating my website in the future. Without a doubt, if you desire a stunning and professional website, Stuart is the guy for the job. Highly recommended!

Shawe Ruckus


Collaborating with Stu has been very enjoyable. He is patient, responsive, has an eye for details, and knows his onions in designing websites for authors. He has transformed my old site into one that speaks much more of my books and persona. I would definitely recommend Stu for your website design

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