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Great to meet you!


Congratulations on writing your books, that’s the first hurdle!


I usually complete most websites within 2-4 Weeks depending on how complex it is and how much work I have on.

The process should be fairly painless. All you need to is send me some content to start making the website (Bio, Book Covers, photos etc) and then we are off.

I will make changes to the final design until you are happy with it.. (within reason!). Once you have signed off the final design it will be over to you to update and change the website, unless you want to pay me (or someone else!) at an hourly rate.

I have made many websites for authors now so I would be really happy to build your corner of the internet with something you are proud to show off. 

My price includes: 

Full Design of your website 

Complete build of your website on Wix 

1 piece of 3D cover art if needed 

Full SEO optimisation (making sure search engines can see and read your website)

Full desktop and mobile optimisation 

Connecting Social media accounts 

Creating extra assets where needed (things like a Favicon - which is the little icon at the top of a browser when you look at a website) 

A blog if needed

Auto responder for subscribers - using Wix or preferred email provider 

Full, comprehensive training via zoom on how to update your site. 

Advice on Domain names, emails accounts.


Full training via zoom or Skype on how to update your site.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about the process or cost. 

I will be happy to have a chat with you in more detail, I realise this is a chunk of money that you want to make sure gets invested with the right person, so please do ask anything!


**Please note that you have to pay Wix for hosting and will be around $100 a year. (This is separate to the price you pay me and is payable yearly to Wix) No matter what solution you find, you will have to pay a hosting fee for your website to ‘live’ on the net.

Your new Author Website

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